Saturday, January 22, 2011


   Oleh : Makmur saini, A.M.Siddiq, Andareas Pangkung
              Dosen Program Studi  Konversi  Energi
              Politeknik Negeri   Ujung .Pandang
                    Dibiayai Dikti  Rp 85 Juta (Penelitian  Hibah Bersaing  2009 dan 2010 )

The particular aims of this research are to produce a lighting arrester system and its grounded which is largely applied in industry, for example lighting arrester system and grounded guardhouse, transmission couplingwire channel and is applied in multistage building, neither public nor private property. Whereas, the long term purposes of this research are to develop curriculum, syllabus, laboratory tools, and also to increase abilities and quantities of graduate student continuously neither in Politeknik site nor outside it.
In this research, the lighting arrester and grounded system are made. The lighting arresters in the outside of the building structure function as to capture or to receive thunderclap attach and transfer it to land safely. In this research there are 5 depth electrode variation are made, they are 3 meters, 5 meters, 9 meters, 12 meters, and 5 plat electrode large-variation, they are 1x1 meters2, 0,75x0,75meters2, 0,5x0,5meters2, 0,35x0,35meters2, 0,25x0,25meters2.
For grounded bar electrode in depth 3 meters, 5 meters, 7 meters, 9 meters, 12 meters, in dry condition, the resistance grounded value is about 1,6 – 9,0 Ohm. In moist land condition, the resistance value grounded is about 2,41 – 7,72 Ohm. For wet land condition, the resistance value grounded is about 5,2 – 9,8 Ohm.
From the gained data for the smallest Resistance Measuring for Bar electrode is electrode with 12 meters depth with its resistance value 2,9 Ohm in dry land condition, 2,34 Ohm for moist land condition, and 2,2 Ohm for wet land condition relatively. For the smallest Resistance Measuring for plate electrode width 1x1 m2 with resistance value 6,2 Ohm in dry land condition, 5,82 Ohm moist land condition, and 5,3 Ohm in wet land condition relatively.
Lighting arrester is applied in the high-tension laboratory with various different electrodes, thus it can be conclude that the Lighting Arrester without globe has penetrate tension about 4,41 – 30,87 KV and Lighting Arrester with globe has penetrate tension about 11,76 – 33,81 KV. Therefore, it can concluded that if the lighting arrester use globe the penetrate tension value will be increase.
For the development of the paired Laigthning External lightning counter to find out already several times a lightning rod is exposed to a lightning strike that is placed in series on the pole / tower lightning in the Department of Mechanical Engineering Energy Conversion Laboratory. Then the lightning rod for internal paired Internal Arrester Type OBV1-C40 that has followed the international standard IEC 61643-1 and GB18802.1 where his ability is able to secure the equipment until the voltage of 2.2 kV and the maximum current to 40 kA with instrument response <25 ns .

Keywords :  Grounding  and Ligtning

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